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Jefferson Memorial - Architectural LightingNorth Star Lighting & Thorn 400W Round Contrast Floodlight (CONR2400MH) is used to illuminate the exterior of the Jefferson Memorial and inside to illuminate the statue of President Jefferson.

North Star Lighting worked with the Mintz Lighting Group in coordination with Osram Sylvania Lighting to recommend specific luminaires that would highlight the design elements of the Jefferson Memorial as specified by the architect and lighting designer. Discreetly highlighting those important elements while providing some general area illumination without flooding the entire venue was a design parameter. The North Star & Thorn Contrast Series offered a 400W narrow beam floodlight with an architectural Dichro•X * colored lens to produce the proper intensity with the right color. The luminaires were discreetly concealed in the ceiling to illuminate the statue of President Jefferson. The North Star & Thorn Contrast Series of architectural floodlights is available in either a round or rectangular aesthetic shape to enable the architect to select the lighting fixtures to blend with the architectural design elements. Three sizes, a wide array of H.I.D. lamp choices, popular and unique optics along with many options including fixed and adjustable louvers and colored lenses make this series an excellent choice for architects and lighting designers. Additional information on the Contrast Series may be obtained by visiting the North Star Lighting’s Floodlighting Products page, contacting the factory sales office (800-229-4330) or speaking with your local Thorn -North Star Lighting representative. * Dichro•X is a trademark of the FX Lighting Company


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