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Procyon 2 RGBW

Construction Housing is die-cast aluminum, heavy duty, structurally rigid and vibrantly dissipating heat for longer lumen maintenance life-hours. Housing is finished mini texture charcoal gray using polyester powder coat. Other optional finishes are available at nominal cost. Lens Door Assembly Minimum 1/8” thick clear tempered glass lens, thermal and impact resistant, sealed with doorframe and housing using extruded, memory retentive gasket. The doorframe is die-cast aluminum. Optical System Largest selection of optical choices shall be available to fit your applications. Please specify your selection from the ordering guide. Photometric Application Data table is provided additional tool for selecting appropriate optic system suitable to the application. Glare Control: Choice of external glare control accessories are available. Please select from the catalog ordering guide. Product Applications Landscape spot/Floods Building facade/Column light Statue/art painting display spot light Sign light Flag light Building wall washer High power flood light Very long throw narrow spot light Bridge light-Stay-cable (narrow spot) Pole mount adjustable flood light Very cold environment flood light Vibration resistant flood light Sport-Stadium light Fishing-Long throw flood.