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North Star Lighting achieves breakthrough lighting with ORUS luminaire

Press Release: The winner in Design excellence at Lightfair

The ORUS Roadway luminaire from North Star Lighting received the top award for Design Excellence at Lightfair in NYC. ORUS is a new product innovation from THORN Lighting and marketed in the US by North Star Lighting. ORUS presents a new roadway lighting concept which, for the first time, puts a compact low wattage metal halide lamp in a special bi-directional optic. The result is phenomenal: a unique light distribution; excellent uniformity with no glare; low energy use; and - above all – a mounting height of 0.9m (2.95feet), which is under the horizontal line of sight of most passenger vehicles.

Although intended primarily for use on bridges, around airports and locations facing extreme weather conditions, Orus can also meet the requirements of areas where obtrusive light, structural integrity or maintenance difficulties are a concern.

ORUS utilizes a patented FlatBeam® asymmetric optic, optimized for 24 to 45ft. spacing. Construction is die cast aluminium with impact resistant polycarbonate lens, tested to IP66.

In developing ORUS, Thorn Lighting has taken the initiative in the only logical progression in the development of metal halide lamps road lighting optics. Until now lighting engineers have had to use high columns, which can range between 20 to 35 feet and higher. With a roadway lighting system at less than 3 feet – the advantages are obvious. No poles are required, energy consumption is drastically reduced, maintenance costs are greatly reduced and motorist safety enhanced.

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